Heat Shrink Machines

Heat Shrink Machines

Our inductive shrink units, developed and built by the German company Diebold, have more than 10 different leading edge technology inductive units on the market today. Originally founded by Bilz, Diebold, Komet and Marquart they together developed the Thermo Grip brand and share many international patents in the heat shrink industry. The heat shrink units are available in fully automatic or manual and the higher specification models have an integrated water cooling system.

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  • £ 4,226.80

    *Manual Operation

    *Shrink Range 3-32mm (Carbide) and 6-32mm (HSS)

    *Suppied with:

    *BT40/SK40 Changeable adaptor

    *Clamping unit

    *Length setting unit for presetting

    *Broken tools removal unit

    *FKS03 Chiller unit

    *BT40/SK40 Chiller adaptor

    £ 4,226.80
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item